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London is huge, sprawling, and chaotic, so before you set out on a shopping spree we recommend you arm yourself with this handy guide to make sure you never get lost and don't miss out on anything-from the oldest traditional establishments to the most avant-garde boutiques. And because we want you and your purchases to stay nice and dry, we've kindly included the address of a legendary umbrella maker! Highlights: - Opened in 1882, James Purdey & Sons exquisitely crafted guns & hunting clothes - Leading English fashion designer Stella McCartney's shop - Furniture shop owned by Paul Smith, who reupholsters vintage pieces with his own fabric - putting H&M to shame, the Topshop flagship store - all-natural, hand-crafted cheese and yoghurts from Neal's Yard Dairy - legendary umbrella makers James Smith & Sons, the perfect place to pick up a walking stick as a souvenir Special features: - exclusive hand-illustrated cover - exclusive hand-illustrated map for each area - information such as opening hours, history, and signature dishes - hand-illustrated postcard - softcover with a sturdy PVC jacket Редактор: Angelika Taschen. Издание на английском, французском и немецком языках.