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Иллюстрация 1 из 14 для книги 1000 Record covers - Michael Ochs
The sixties were the war years - and not just in Vietnam. In America, 1 there was a full-tilt war between adolescence and age - it was US against Them. US had long hair, free love, expanded consciousness, new highs, new lows, new clothes and new music. Them was stunting; straight, selfish, archaic and imperialistic. All this was communicat through the expanding music scene. As the teen idol and twist trends were strangling the life out of rock and roll, fresh sounds surfaced at home and abroad. In 1961, Bob Dylar played his first professional gig at Gerde's in New York and The Beatles opened at The Cavern in Liverpool. From the roots of American mu a musical revolution sprang - a global battle of the bands in which growth and change won the day. Every branch of rock and roll grew incredible new heights.