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Field notes and other data from the Resources Developmant Administration's xenobiological research and scientific labs have been compiled as a guide to the many unique aspects of the moon Pandora. This report details Pandora's alien ecosystem,- its mining mother lode and topography,- its flora and fauna; and the culture, language, and physiology of the native population, the aggressive hunter-gatherer race called the Na'vi. Exceedingly profitable, Pandora provides challenges to successful exploration and extraction. From its gravity-defying Hallelujah Mountains to its gargantuan natural Stone Arches, and from the' small but venomous hellfire wasp to the gigantic carnivorous thanator, Pandora poses o continual dangers to RDA aerial- and ground-forces daily. Also included in this resource are highly confidential and detailed descriptions of RDA technology and weapons systems .deployed to suppress the indigenous hostiles 4:"ind .defend employees against the dangerous Pandoran environment.