Первая иллюстрация к книге Прага, путеводитель - Datz, Kullmann

Иллюстрация 1 из 3 для Прага, путеводитель - Datz, Kullmann | Лабиринт - книги. Источник: Лабиринт
Иллюстрация 1 из 3 для книги Прага, путеводитель - Datz, Kullmann
Источник: Лабиринт
Currently experiencing a period of unparalleled economic growth, Prague is one of Europe's most exciting cities right now. So, it is no surprise that architects from all over are creating a series of spectacular projects in the Czech capital. View developments by young local designers and architects as well as stunning buildings by the best-known international architectural firms. There is a diverse selection of residential and commercial projects in this volume, by leading architects such as Jestico + Whiles and Jean Nouvel. Color photographs and a site map are included for the convenience of both tourists and professionals alike.