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Berlin's best culinary and nightlife secrets
You can feel like a true Berliner thanks to the insider's tips in this handy guide. From the best Currywurst stand to the coolest place to grab a cocktail and all the best places to sample fine Berlin cuisine, these are truly priceless pointers.
- Legendary restaurant and bar Paris Bar
- Diener Tattersaal, German pub with typical Berlin beer and food
- Green Door, you have to ring the doorbell to gain entrance to this stylish night spot
- Cafe Einstein, a classic coffee house in an old villa
- Kumpelnest 3000, a glamour-trash bar in a former brothel?
- Borchardt, the brasserie where the likes of Tom Hanks, Goldie Hawn, Gerhard Schroder have eaten Wiener Schnitzel
- Konnopke's Imbiss, birthplace of the famous Berlin Currywurst
- Wohnzimmer, a cosy, vintage-style cafe in Berlin's most hottest neighborhood, Prenzlauer Berg
Редактор: Angelika Taschen.
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