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English food is much more varied than fish 'n' chips (though we can tell you where to get the best London has to offer). Indeed, England's capital city is home to a dizzying array of culinary options and of course Angelika Taschen has selected the finest London eateries where you'll delight in a meal, tea, or simply hobnobbing with the jet-set.
The Golden Hind with its art deco interior and delectable fish 'n' chips-a fixture on Marylebone Lane since 1914
The Wolseley, classic grand cafe and perfect place for afternoon tea and scones
Enjoy the same classic British cooking as Charles Dickens once did at the city's oldest restaurant, Rules
London's first gastropub, The Eagle
La Fromagerie, a cheese Mecca and delicatessen with fresh groceries
celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's restaurant, Fifteen
Special features:
exclusive hand-illustrated cover
exclusive hand-illustrated map for each area
information such as opening hours, history, and signature dishes
hand-illustrated postcard
softcover with a sturdy PVC jacket
Редактор: Angelika Taschen.
Издание на английском, французском и немецком языках.