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For nearly two millennia Mary, the mother of Jesus, has remained one of the most favored female figures in Western culture. In religion, in sacred art and music, and as the inspiration for the design of some of the most magnificent cathedrals, she has been praised by generation after generation for her enduring devotion and motherly love.
Graced by God, Mary bore the child who was to become the Messiah. In her womb the seed of the Father was turned to flesh and as she watched, her son became a herald of love and compassion. He became the founder of a new religious spirit that was to dominate the Western world for centuries to come.
Devotion to Mary began in the early years of the Christian Church. The love that she portrays is the same love that every mother feels-an eternal love that forgives, comforts and heals. Mary is a tribute to the devotion of Mary.
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