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The story or Jesus has been read and retold myriad times over two millennia and has become one of the world's most popular teachings. Based on a life of love and compassion, his death has become a universal symbol of spiritual trails formation.
Speaking out against greed and selfishness, Jesus drew great crowds. He taught in a gentle way about meaningful life. He did not call on people to leave the world and go into the wilderness or the mountains. He sought them in their villages and took part in their ordinary affairs, presenting them with parables and stories through which their lives could become richer.
Jesus taught not only with the words, he also taught through miracles of healing and acts of compassion. He healed the body and he healed the spirit. He restored sight to the blind and health to the ailing. He even brought the dead back to life. The miracles of Jesus reflected the miracles of life and he taught people to love and trust each other.
Jesus is a gift book for those who are guided by the beautiful mystery of Jesus Christ as well as for those who are curious about his life.