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Иллюстрация 1 из 21 для Nature Reserves of Russia | Лабиринт - книги. Источник: Лабиринт
Иллюстрация 1 из 21 для книги Nature Reserves of Russia
Источник: Лабиринт
Quite a number of books have been published about the zapovedniks of Russia (which are strictly protected State nature reserves) but so far most of those books have been scientific. There are very few colourful popular publications, which can be readily understood by a broad readership. The creators of this book have worked hard to make their contribution to fill this gap. The easy, narrative text immerses readers into the world of preserved nature, giving the feeling that they are traveling within those beautiful areas. At the same time one can get to know the history of the zapovedniks, which was often difficult and dramatic. However, it is not enough to merely read about nature. It is also essential for understanding to see that nature. The wonderful photographs of landscape and wildlife, taken by our leading nature photographers, also form a significant and exciting part of this book. The authors and publishers of this book believe that when readers see and understand the beauty of our Russian Nature Reserves - their forests, mountains and tundra; their steppe lands and coastlines - they will feel at one with nature. Realizing its riches, they will want to make their own contribution to the good cause of nature conservation.