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Иллюстрация 1 из 5 для книги Club design - Serrats, Costa
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The word "disco" comes from the french "discotheque", a fusion between "disco" and "bibliotheque" which first came into use during World War II when the ban on jazz and dance halls gave rise to clandestine clubs and the figure of the "disc-jockey". Places like "Chez Regine" attracted the Parisian jet-jet, while in the US, "Le Club" in New York, and later the legendary "Studio 54" institutionalized a space characterized by stobe lights and mirror balls. Since then, clubs have experienced a transformation linked to the needs of a demanding party public eager to experience a wide range of sensations in an extreme and provocative decor. This publication presents an extensive compilation of the hottest clubs in the world's leading cities.
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