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The book contains a selection of 140 quality restaurants based on anonymous visits made by our team of professional local inspectors. Only the best places within a wide range of budgets and cuisines are included in the Michelin guide.
Here's how it works:
- Our inspectors visit hundreds of establishments and rate each one according to a rigorous set of criteria.
- The inspectors classify restaurants from to, with indicating a modest establishment and the most luxurious, taking decor, ambience, and service into account.
- The restaurants that stand out for the exceptional quality of their cuisine are awarded Michelin stars ( to ) - the highest honor in the culinary industry.
- Our list of places to eat for $25 or less is perfect when both quality and price matter.
- The guide is organized by neighborhood, and contains colorful maps to help you find each establishment.
Our inspection process has been refined over decades so you can feel confident in selecting a Michelin recommended restaurant. No matter what the occasion, the Michelin guide will help you make the right choice.