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Fire and water - both elements have exercised a special, but unique, fascination over us since philosophy began. If, on one hand, life on Earth would be impossible without them, they also show where our limits are through devastating catastrophes. We shall never master their primitive force compleiely.
Firework displays and waterworks capture the magic of these so contrasting elements. It had already been discovered that fire and water couid entertain us in a controlled and managed state centuries ago. Since then, people throughout the world have been working continually on the development of increasingly grandiose productions. Each year, events with fire and water fill billions of people with amazement.
For this volume of pictures, we have brought together some of the most beautiful productions in the world, which will show the most impressive aspect of fireworks and waterworks. A glance behind the scenes will convey an impression of the high standard of the work of the people who make these gigantic events possible.
- Ralph Larmann -
Text in English, German, French.