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Nestled by rows of luscious grapevines, wineries evoke images of fine living few other places can rival. The spirit of each winery is as distinctive as the wines it produces. With a multitude of unique design touches, each one creates a sense of place, and a charming invitation to slow down and savor a way of life deeply rooted in growing cycles and the seasons. This lavishly illustrated compendium showcases the new wave of winery buildings. This school of design takes its lead from architect Herzog de Meuron's 1997 design for Dominus Winery, setting a trend away from the rustic and embracing the sleekest contemporary ethos. Since then leading wineries have commissioned chic tasting rooms and spectacular facilities by architectural luminaries such as Santiago Calatrava, Rafael Moneo, Zaha Hadid, Frank O. Gehry and Norman Foster. A unique gift for the wine connoisseur and design devotee alike. A compelling look at all the design elements that make up the world's most beautiful wineries.
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