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Today's hip moms and dads have probably seen more, done more and traveled farther than any previous generation. Cutting-edge parents on a family holiday don't want to slow down or sacrifice style for practicality. To meet the needs of these astute consumers, this volume has carefully selected hotels that will satisfy both design savvy parents and their equally discerning offspring.
Patricia Masso is a PR and marketing consultant specializing in hotels and tourism. In recent years, she has collaborated on various hotel-themed titles, and was co-editor of teNeues' Luxury Hotels Golf Resorts, Luxury Hotels America and Luxury Hotels Top of the World.
A must-have for today's style-conscious families
An ideal gift for globetrotting parents
Cool Hotels Family & Kids won the Prix Villegiature 2008 in the category "Best book on hotels published in Europe 2008"
Text in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian