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A reprieve from post-war austerity, the 1950s epitomized a time of glamour with its film icons and automobiles, which are admired and emulated to this day. Nothing said, "You've made it," quite like getting glammed up and going for a spin in your brand new automobile. The shapes and shades of cars were bright and exaggerated. Car design showed a fervent embrace of the future and a willingness to experiment with something new. Riviera Cocktail photographer Edward Quinn captured all the stars and idols from the worlds of film, music, and the arts, as well as their admirers. Picasso and his Hispano-Suiza, Brigitte Bardot in her Lancia, and many more are featured with their motor toys. With a keen eye and playful exuberance, his images define fifties style.
156 duotone photographs
Text in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian