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Authors of this research analyse transition to multipolarity as a way to secure sustainable dynamic development and overcoming of the negative trends observed recently in the global community. Authors believe that multipolarity represents a combination of political and economic factors and in the world of globalisation it is the economy where new poles / concentration centres for political interests, economic relationship and fair trade are formed. Multipolarity requires elimination of confrontation between such poles / centres based on armaments race and extensive use of military strategies for political and economic purposes. Authors analyse: unipolarity in the world of globalisation; possibilities of return to bipolarity and multipolarity given the growing number of entities subject to international law and loss of territorial integrity by some states; regionalisation and its main tools and methods (strategic partnership and regional integration) for transition to multipolarity (by analysing how these methods function in specific regional agreements); role of the Russian economic policy in today's environment for gradual and ongoing development of national economy in the global multipolar economic system; monetary and financial aspects of incentives programmes related to transition to multipolarity and sustainable operation of the world's monetary system.
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