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Life gets strange when Alice sees a white rabbit wearing a coat and gloves. Thens he follows him down a hole. Suddenly she grows smaller, larger, smaller, larger, smaller - and almost drowns in her own tears -
She meets a Dodo, a Lizard, a smoking Caterpillar, a Duchess...a Cat without a grin. Then a grin without a Cat. She has a mad tea party with a Hatter and a Hare. And a madder croquet game with a King - where playing card soldiers are the hoops, flamingoes are the mallets, hedgehogs are the balls and the Queen of Hearts cries "Off with their heads!" Which lands Alice, the Mock Turtle, and a Gryphon (a what?) at a trial without rules where death is the penalty! In Wonderland, anything can happen -
And probably anything will...
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