Первая иллюстрация к книге The winner stands alone (на английском языке) - Paulo Coelho

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Источник: Лабиринт
Издание полностью на английском языке.
He is following a dream of love. Igor Malev has one thing on his mind - his ex-wife Ewa. He's handsome, rich and effortlessly personable - but she left him for a successful fashion designer, a sting he's never recovered from. So he travels to the glamorous Cannes International Film Festival where they'll be appearing, intent on winning her back. There amid the luxury and excess of the new Superclass - the ultimate winners in the hedonistic game of modern life - he begins a 24-hour campaign of extraordinary violence. For Igor is a man of rare intensity and cold intelligence, and this is to be no ordinary reconciliation. Because he made a promise to destroy whole worlds to get to his beloved...
And he always keeps his word.