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Источник: Лабиринт
Диск включает эксклюзивную подборку произведений в исполнении английских и американских оркестров. Проще говоря, "мелодии заграничного дансинга". Разве не интересно узнать, какие мотивы звучали на дискотеках, по радио и даже… в ночных клубах США и Европы в 20-40-е годы?
Anson Weeks
Art Kassel
Benny Certer
Billy Cotton
Bing Crossby and Friends
Bob Crodby - 1940
Cab Calloway
Carroll Gibbons
Casa Loma
Fletcher Henderson
Freddie Johnson Harlemites
Harry Roy
Henry Holl
Horace Heidt
Isham Jones
Jack Hylton
Jan Savitt
Jean Goldkette
Johnny Green
Lew Stone
Mckinney Cotton Pickkers
Mills Blue Rhythm Band
Ozzie Nelson
Paul Whiteman
Ray Noble
Raymond Scott
Rodger Khan
Roy Fox
Seger Ellis
Spike Hughes
Will Bradley
1.It's Wonderful
2.Roll Away Clouds
4.My Love Parade
5.Lucky Me - Lovable You
6.If Love Were All
7.Singin' In The Rain
8.Too Wonderful For Words
9.Ain't Misbehavin'
10.Am I Blue
11.A Little Kiss Each Morning

1.Then I'll Be Tired Of You
2.My Kid's A Crooner
3.I'm On A See-saw
4.Easy To Love
5.What Harlem Is To Me
6.Lovely Liza Lee
7.Midnight In Mayfair
Anson Weeks
1.Let's Fly Away
3.Dancing On The Cieling
4.You're My Everything
5.Fine And Dandy
Art Kassel
1.Knockin' At Your Door
2.I'll Be Around
3.Once Too Often
4.Time Waits For No One
Benny Carter
1920-e годы
1.Gee Iint Good To You 1929
2.Waltzing The Blues 1936
3.Some Of These Days 1936
4.All Of Me 1936
Billy Cotton
1.From Monday On
2.Sleepy Time Down South
3.Puttin On The Ritz
4.That Rhythm Man
5.You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me
6.The New Tiger Rag
7.Nobody's Sweetheart
8.You Are Lucky To Me
9.Memories Of You
10.That Lindy Hop
11.You Call It Madness
12.Were You Sincere
13.Why Shouldn't
14.You Wouldn't
15.Parkin' In The Moonlight
16.It's The Girl
Bing Crossby And Friends
1.Peggy Lee
2.Judy Garland
3.Lauren Bacall
4.Ella Fitzgerald
5.Peggy Lee
Bob Crosby - 1940
1.Muskrat Ramble
2.I Found A New Baby
3.Diga Diga Do
4.Blue Surreal
5.Sugar Foot Strut
Cab Calloway
1.I See A Million People
2.The Mermaid Song
3.I Get The Neck Of The Chicken
5.Hey Doc
6.The Moment I Laid Eyes On You
7.Minnie The Moocher
8.Nain Nain
9.A Smo-o-o-oth One
Carroll Gibbons
1.With Love In My Heart
2.Goopy Geer
3.Actions Speak Louder Than Words
4.My Silent Love
5.Dancing In The Dark
6.Blues In My Heart
7.The Old Man Of The Mountain
8.I Wanna Be Loved
9.Love Me Tonight
10.A Great Big Bunch Of You
11.As Time Goes By
12.Snuggled On Your Shoulder
13.All Of A Sudden
14.What A Life
Carroll Gibbons
1.All My Life
2.You're The Kind Of A Baby For Me
3.Kiss By Kiss
4.Sailin' On The Robert E. Lee
5.One Hour With You
6.For All We Know
7.By Special Permission
8.After Tonight We Say Goodbye
9.I Wish I Knew A Bigger Word Than Love
10.What More Can I Say
11.Brighter Than The Sun
12.It's Gonna Be You
13.Oceans Of Time
14.You're Gonna Lose Your Gal
15.One Morning In May
16.May I
17.I Saw Stars
18.So Help Me
Casa Loma

1.Smoke Rings
2.Sunrise Serenade
3.Casa Loma Stomp
4.Under Blanket Of Blue
5.For You
6.I Cried For You
7.You Go To My Head
Fletcher Henderson
1.Go 'long Mule
2.Come On Baby
Freddie Johnson Harlemites
1.I Got Rhythm
Guy Lombardo
1.Star Dust
3.I'll See You In My Dreams
Harry Roy
1.What A Little Moonlight Can Do
2.I Whish I Were Twins
3.Jungle Fever
4.Dr. Heckle And Mr. Jibe
5.Valentina Rumba
6.Man Of My Dreams
7.You And The Night And The Music
8.Blue Moon
9.Stars Over Devon
10.Truckin' On Down
11.The Way You Look Tonight
12.Boo Hoo
13.A Fine Romance
Henry Holl
Советские довоенные пластинки
1.У водопада
2.Сыграй мне цыганка
3.В кружеве мечты
4.Колыбельная листьев
5.Медовый месяц
Horace Heidt
1.Peg O' My Heart
2.I Wonder Who's Kissin' Her Now
Isham Jones
Jack Hylton
1.Tiger Rag
2.Limehouse Blues
3.Ain't That A Grand And Glorious Feeling
4.Shepherd Of The Hills
5.Number 10
6.I Must Have That Man
7.Oh Miss Hannah
8.That's My Weakness Now
Jan Savitt
1.Could Be Romance Runs In The Family
2.Jiminey Crickett
3.Love Doesn't Grow On Trees
4.I May Be Wrong
6.Put It Down In Writing
7.I Haven't Changed A Thing
9.Top Hat Shuffle
10.It's Funny To Everyone But Me
11.Love Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere
12.Bigin The Beguine
13.The Girl Behind The Venetian Blind
14.Lambeth Walk
15.Ring Dem Blues
Jean Goldkette
Johnny Green
Советские довоенные пластинки
1.Шлепок по контрабасу
2.Щека к щеке
3.Давайте слушать музыку и танцевать
4.Как ты выглядишь сегодня ночью
5.Это не отнять у меня
6.Они все смеялись
7.Давайте потанцуем
Lew Stone
1.Long May We Love
2.He Didn't Even Say Goodbye
3.The Continental
4.June In January
5.I Ain't Got Nobody
6.Isn't This A Lovely Day
7.Maybe I'm Wrong Again
8.I Was Lucky
9.Cheek To Cheek
10.She's A Latin From Manhattan
11.Lovely To Look At
Mckinney Cotton Pickkers
1.Okay Baby
Mills Blue Rhythm Band
1.Levee Low Down
2.Heebie Jeebies
3.Blues In My Heart
4.I Can't Get Along Without My Baby
5.Blue Rhythm
6.Red Devil
8.Sugar Blues
Ozzie Nelson
2.Autumn Nocturne
3.I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
4.Cutting Classes
5.Texas Jump
Paul Whiteman
20-е годы
1.Whispering -1920
2.Charleston - 1925
3.Three O'clock In The Morning - 1926
4.Manhattan Man - 1927
5.Broadway - 1927
Ray Noble
1.Let Me Give My Happiness To You
2.Trouble In Paradise
3.The Lights Of Paris
4.The Moment I Saw You
5.How Could I Be Lonely
6.Close Your Eyes
7.When You've Fallen In Love
8.Weep No More My Baby
Raymond Scott
1.Two Way Stretch
3.Pop Goes The Weasel
4.Paper Doll
Rodger Khan
1.Jersey Walk
2.Clap Your Hands
Roy Fox
1.I've Got An Invitation To A Dance
2.If The Moon Turns Green
3.One Morning In Day
4.Drowsy Blues
5.Fair And Warmer
6.Out In The Cold Man
7.Jungle Drums
9.I'm In Love
10.I Saw Stars
11.What A Difference A Day Made
Seger Ellis
1.Sweet Sue
2.Clarinet Marmalade
3.Blue Call Rag
4.Snuff Stuff
Spike Hughes
Will Bradley
3.A City Called Heaven
4.Request For A Rhumba
5.April In Paris
6.Fry Me A Cookie
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