Первая иллюстрация к книге Asterix and the Vikings - Goscinny, Uderzo

Иллюстрация 1 из 1 для книги Asterix and the Vikings - Goscinny, Uderzo
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A superb tie-in book to the cartoon box office smash hit, Asterix and the Vikings
When the Vikings kidnap Justforkix, the timid but very trendy son of one of Chief Vitalstatistix' closest and most powerful friends, believing he has the key to the secret of the magic potion, Asterix and Obelix are sent on one of their most dangerous missions. For they must voyage north to the Vikings' home territory and rescue Justforkix, before the Vikings find out he is not who they think he is, and make him pay the price. Meanwhile, the fact that the Vikings' chief's daughter, Abba, has fallen for Justforkix only makes matters more complicated...