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When she was 15, Harper Connelly was struck by a bolt of lightning, which left her with a spider-web of red over her body, headaches and episodes of weakness. Sometimes her right hand shakes.
And she can find dead people. It's taken a while, but at last Harper's pretty happy with her life. She's making a living, using her unique talent to help people and she's got a lover - her stepbrother Tolliver.
That creeps some people out. Though they grew up together and got each other through the real bad times - their parents' drug-use, the abuse, the disappearance of Harper's elder sister Cameron - they're not blood relatives. Then Tolliver's dad arrives on the scene, seeking forgiveness for the sins of their youth and the police get a tip-off that after all these years, Cameron's been spotted in a mall.
With all this going on Harper realises life is getting a little complicated but she doesn't expect those complications to include Tolliver getting shot. Or watching a cop die taking a bullet for her. Harper can find dead people, but now it's clear someone wants her dead ...