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Источник: Лабиринт
Автор этой книги анализирует Шостаковича, в частности, концентрируется на проблеме восприятия его музыки. автор знакомит с концепцией "Библейские Романтизма", заложенную в музыке Шостаковича.
What are the parallels between Shostakovich's style and Jewish music, extending even further, to Jewish mentality? The author of this book analyzes Shostakovich's intonational world, and, specifically, zeroes in on the problem of perception of his music. In particular, the author introduces the concept of "Biblical Romanticism", inherent in Shostakovich's music. The phenomenon of Shostakovich's creativity is characterized by high ideals and can be best understood within the context of frightening reality of Stalin's epoch. The author, also, for many years, observed the character of Shostakovich's dealings with the people surrounding him. Shostakovich's speech idioms are reminiscent of the quasi-aesopian "language of hints" which was often used by the Soviet Jews at that time to denote the opposite of what is being said -in order to avoid severe punishment from the extremely violent, oppressive apparatus of the Soviet Regime.