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A pocket size paperback edition of the highly accurate English Standard Version Bible, now with new, clearer typesetting. The English Standard Version is a new and highly accurate translation of the Bible from the original sources. It sits in the classic stream of word-for-word Bible translations, using the Revised Standard Version as a base, but incorporates all the most recent advances in modern language use. It combines the utmost accuracy with readability and literary beauty. Dr J.I. Packer headed the editorial team which drew on a wide spread of scholarship from across the evangelical spectrum, to create the ultimate combination of readability and accuracy, making the ESV ideal for personal and academic study, for use in church and for memorization. This new Compact typesetting has a larger, clearer typeface and includes a short concordance to aid study. '? Compact and economic binding, great to carry around '? New clearer, larger typesetting, and short concordance '? The most up-to-date word-for-word accurate translation available '? Suitable for study and personal use, public reading and memorization.