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Third-grade science can be tricky, but DK Workbooks: Science: Grade 3 will sharpen the science skills of 8 and 9 year olds. With lessons to help understand speed, force, mass and volume, energy, the solar system, land and sea features, anatomy, and plant reproduction, third graders will boost their confidence and knowledge in these areas.
Help your child move to the head of the class! DK Workbooks: Science is an innovative series of workbooks aligned to school curriculum that helps make learning easy and fun.
Each title is packed with exercises and activities to strengthen knowledge from the science lessons taught in school. Developed in consultation with curriculum experts, these science workbooks reinforce learning and understanding of key concepts such as force and motion, materials, and ecosystems. A parents' section contains answers, tips, and guidance to provide support, and a certificate of achievement will reinforce confidence in kids by rewarding their accomplishments.
Supports the Common Core State Standards.