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Источник: Лабиринт
Join Peppa's little brother, George, and read all about his adventures in this wonderful collection of stories.
George's New Dinosaur.
Georges favourite toy is Mr Dinosaur. When Mr Dinosaur breaks, George gets a brand new toy. Dino Roar walks, talks and even sings but can he replace Georges old toy?
George's First Day at Playgroup.
Peppa and George are going to playgroup. It is Georges first day and Peppa doesn't really want him there. But when all of her friends want a little brother too, will Peppa change her mind? Find out in this lovely little piggy tale.
The Story of Prince George.
Peppa and George aren't feeling very sleepy so my Pig tells them a new bedtime story. Can George the Brave save Princess Peppa and her friends from the big, scary dragon?
George Catches a Cold.
Oh dear! Silly George has gone outside in the rain without his rain hat on, and now he's got a cold.
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