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"Steve Martini is an expert at good old-fashioned, gimmick-free storytelling."
-Steve Berry, author of The Paris Vendetta
"Take it from a prosecutor-Steve Martini has created one of the most charismatic defense attorneys in thriller fiction."
-Linda Fairstein, author of Lethal Legacy
In The Rule of Nine, New York Times bestseller Steve Martini sets his popular protagonist, defense attorney Paul Madriani, on the trail of a dangerous extremist who's hellbent on destroying the entire Supreme Court with one deadly stroke. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette loves Martini's "richly interesting characters, masterful plots, and beautiful writing," and his latest blockbuster is a sure bet to enthrall Brad Thor and Vince Flynn readers as well as the ever-growing army of Paul Madriani fans.
Still reeling from the trauma of a near nuclear explosion at the naval base in Coronado, San Diego defense attorney Paul Madriani now finds he's been linked to the murder of a Washington, D.C., political staffer. Authorities believe the bloodthirsty assassin Liquida Muerte-aka "the Mexicutioner"-may be responsible, and that Madriani is the ultimate target of the killer's twisted vengeance.
But the danger pales before an even more terrible unfolding scenario. Evidence is mounting that the elusive maniac and a domestic terrorist who calls himself the Old Weatherman have joined forces, intending to strike at the very seat of the United States government, pulling the capital city-and the country-into a vortex of terror . . . unless Paul Madriani and weapons control expert Joselyn Cole can somehow unravel the enigma of . . . The Rule of Nine.