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Save the world or save her heart? Zoey has to face her greatest choices yet. Discover the addictive world of the worldwide bestselling House of Night.
He took my palm in his and turned it over so that the sapphire-coloured tattoos that covered my palms were visible. Then, much as I had just done, he lightly traced his finger across my skin. I shivered, but I didn't pull away.
After the terrible arrival of the dark angel Kalona at the House of Night, Zoey Redbird and her friends have fled to the tunnels under the town, where they hide out with the strange new red Vampyre fledglings.
Everything changes when Zoey is badly injured - and finds herself back at the House of Night, face to face with Stark, who she hasn't forgotten since he died in her arms. But now Stark is working for Neferet. Can Zoey trust him? Who is really on her side as the battle begins? And what price will she have to pay for following her heart?
- Not suitable for younger readers -