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The essential companion and guide to the diverse elements of the massive universe Peter F. Hamilton created in his fantastic 'Night's Dawn Trilogy'.
The Reality Dysfunction ... The Neutronium Alchemist ... The Naked God
Peter F.Hamilton's 'Night's Dawn Trilogy' has proved one of the best-selling Science-Fiction series of the last decade, and the most dramatically successful from a UK author.This handbook is an essential companion volume for all the countless readers past, present and future for whom this massive trilogy has evolved into a defining SF classic. It comprises general background information relating to all three volumes, with comprehensive notes and glossaries on the major characters, planets, space stations, political hierarchies, weaponry, spacecraft, invasions, and the many alien races with their diverse social economies, industries and technologies.
'From the outset, Hamilton won over the sci-fi aficionados with the coherence of his invented universe' The Times